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Some of push up bra features

June 03, 2018 0 Comments

NO 1. First measure the size
Women bust in different periods will have a slight change, it is best to measure the size before you buy push up bra every time.

NO 2. It is best to buy in a special counter or profession store, where the shopping guide with professional training would give you detailed and effective guidance. 
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NO 3. You should pay attention to the texture and permeability of push up bra. You'd better choose pure cotton push up bra. Actually the thick push up bra can make the chest more plump, but it's not breathable and will affect the normal breathing of the chest skin. Because it's difficult to wash, the residual detergent in the washing process would cause a series of diseases. If you really need thicken pads, you can choose a variety of pads and remember to take out when you wash.

NO 4. You need to pay attention to the elasticity of the shoulder strap. Shoulder straps should not be so tight. An unsightly deep scar on the shoulder can affect your performance. You have to pay attention to its elasticity. When you wear, it can lift your chest and let yourself feel comfortable. That's a good shoulder straps.
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NO 5. Pay attention to the bottom cup pressure. A good push up bra is one that can lift up the chest by the bottom cup pressure and put the surrounding fat into the cup. If you compare a bra to a bridge, the shoulder strap is the cable on the bridge, and the bottom of the cup is the main seat of the bridge. After you buckle the button on the bottom of the cup, you must to look at your back, if there is no extra fat, and the back looks flat, this must be a qualified bra.

NO 6. Note that the size of the cup is appropriate. For your cup, it will not make the cup empty, and will not make too much fat outside the cup. Many girls'chest is large on one side and small on the other. So, you have to choose the size based on your bigger side.

NO 7. It is best to prepare various styles of bra on different occasions and show different wear effects.

NO 8. You can buy cheap outfits, but you cannot buy cheap bras. It's reasonable that a bra is expensive for good texture and materials. A good bra, if properly maintained, can be used longer than a regular bra. If you only to save money and bought a poor quality of the bra, it would have a bad effect on your chest shape.So you should be careful to choose when you select a bra.