It is recommended to wash bra by hand, because the rough tumbling of the washing machine can easily deform our underwear rims. And the washing machine will carry a lot of bacteria, which will also damage our lingerie.

Of course, sometimes girls are so tired that they don't want to move, so they want to throw them in the washing machine. What should I do? In this case, you can use Lingerie bag in the washing machine,which can at least reduce the violent cleaning of the washing machine to a minimum.

How to Hand wash?

Emphasize to be gentle, be sure to wash gently.

Add an appropriate amount of neutral lotion or neutral lotion for bra in warm or cold water not higher than 40 degrees,after it is completely dissolved, the bra can be soaked in it.

Remember the following three points:

①Do not put too much lotion, otherwise it will damage the material of the lingerie!

②It is also best not to apply the lotion directly to the underwear, because this action may make the color of the bra uneven.

③ Focus! Never use bleach, chlorine bleach will damage the material and make our beautiful bra turn to yellow and spoil!

After that we have to squeeze as much water out of the bra as possible.

①You can clench your left hand into a fist;

②Put your fist under the forming cup and cushion it,

③Press the water out of the cup noodles with your right hand.

Be careful to avoid twisting the bra, this action will damage it or even deform the underwire!

How to properly dry?

There are two ways to dray bra:one is to hang the non-bounce part between the cups as the focal point and the other is to clamp the lower circumference under the steel ring with a clip. Never hang it with the shoulder strap, because the gravity of the water will stretch the shoulder strap and reduce the service life of the strap.

When drying, be careful not to expose it to the sun, otherwise the underwear will turn yellow, fade, and accelerate the aging of the underwear. The correct drying posture should be to dry the underwear first in a dry and ventilated place, and then put it in the sun to disinfect (but it is not recommended for too long).

Daily preservation of Lingerie

After the bra is dry, take it back and store it in a dry, ventilated and clean place. Water vapor is the biggest enemy of clothing, it will breed a lot of bacteria, which will cause our bra to have odor and even mildew due to humidity, so be careful!At the same time, you can't use a sealed plastic bag when storing, a long-term closed environment may also make bra moldy!

For daily storage of bra, you can stack them one by one, or hang them if your wardrobe is large, as long as the cup shape of the bra is not damaged.

Hope you can enjoy it!

Written by Amy S.