Tips for Bra Shopping When You Have Big Boobs

Tips for Bra Shopping When You Have Big Boobs

How to choose a suitable and comfortable bra for big breast girl? For many large-bust girls, choosing a suitable and comfortable bra is trouble. Don't worry. This article will help you.

Nowadays, more and more girls enjoy the comfort and freedom of not wearing bras.

But for girls with big breasts, enjoying the comfort and freedom of not wearing bras is an extravagant hope. If you do not wear a bra, the gravity of your breasts will bring you embarrassment and discomfort.

They often suffer from physical and mental problems because of their big breasts. Buying the right bra difficultly is one of the most common problems they encounter.

"The beautiful bras are exclusive to small breasts. My big breasts caused me that only can purchase some aunt's style bras that are ugly and expensive. "

"If I don't wear bras, my big breasts will sag to my belly button. But if I wear bras, my whole body will look very bloated. This bothers me a lot!”

“Most bras are not supportive enough for my big breasts. This causes my boobs to shake so much if I walk too fast.” 

That's enough, don't suffer anymore. To make the big-breasted girls free from all kinds of troubles caused by big breasts, today we specially invited senior bra designers to talk about the method of purchasing a suitable bra.

Why is it so difficult to buy a suitable bra for girls with big breasts?

Compared with normal-sized breasts, large-breasted will have more stringent requirements on tailoring and shape of bras. Looking at this picture, you will understand it immediately.

Different breast sizes correspond to reference

One model predicts that if the weight of the breast increases from 100g to 700g (32A cup to 32F cup). Then, the vertical movement of the breasts increased by 70% when not wearing underwear, and increased by 30% when walking. 

Qualified bras for big breasts are required to be comfortable to wear.

It can fix the position of your boobs but also play a supporting function to your boobs.

If these three requirements are met at the same time, it will have high requirements for the design of bras.

If wearing a bra is a pain for you, then the designer of the bra is the one who causes your pain. 

4 situations you will meet when you wearing an unsuitable bra:

Situation 1. Looks bloated after wearing clothes

I don't dare to wear other styles of clothing because of my big breast. Other women wear shirts, they look so neat and high-class. But when I put on a shirt, my breasts bulge so clearly, which gives me a sense of uniform allure. 

Some big-breasted bras especially like to gather together forcibly.

Thick bust pads and hard steel rings give me an uncomfortable experience.

too thick padded bra

Nowadays, women put comfort the first position when choosing their bras. They are not obsessed with pushing up their boobs any longer.

Situation 2. No matter how thick the bra is, the breast still shakes violently when I walk

Before my period, my breasts always go through a period of swelling and pain. This pain made me not dare to exercise vigorously. Even when I go down the stairs I must be cautious.

It is caused by insufficient support for my bra.

To create the illusion of wearing comfort, some merchants will claim that their bras use highly elastic materials.

Don't be a fool!

For girls with big breasts, the excessive elasticity of the bras is a disadvantage.

If the cup fabric is too elastic, it will not be able to fix the breast well. If the shoulder strap is too elastic, it will lack the bearing capacity, so it is easy to cause shaking.

a bra that too elastic

Situation 3. The steel ring is too pressed. But if wearing a bra without a steel ring, the breast will sag.

Can bra manufacturers consider the suffering of big breasts girls?

Different women have different shapes of breasts, But the steel ring of many bras has a single shape. Wanna find a bra with a suitable steel ring? It depends on your luck.

To be honest, steel rings are very important bra parts for girls with big breasts. A suitable steel ring can provide great support and stability for big breasts and reduce the pulling and shaking of the breast.

Different steel ring shapes in different cups

So the fault is not the steel ring, it is the unreasonable design of the bra.

Situation 4. An empty cup or overflow is a frequent problem to encounter.

Even if you choose the right size, girls with big breasts will still encounter various problems when buying a bra.

If the bra cup is too shallow, it will make my breast overflows. If the bra cup is too deep, it will have a space in my cup. All this makes me doubt myself: Could it be that my breasts are not growing right?

The main reason why girls with big breast are difficult to choose suitable bras is that there is no uniform standard for bra data size. 

Bra manufacturers can only refer to an ordinary bra size standard. But the ordinary bra size standard is completely insufficient to fully and correctly describe the characteristics of female breasts. 

Many bra manufacturers have their models. The breast shape of these models also determines that the brand's bra has certain limitations. It is the main reason why bras cannot match different breast shapes perfectly. 

Effect of different breast type wearing standard cup

By the way, the regional differences also affect the design of the bra.

For example, the breasts of women in the north are mostly disc-shaped. So the cups of underwear brands in the north are generally shallower, and the opposite is true in the south.

Like the Japanese brand Wacoal, the cup chassis is small, deep, and pointed. It is just because Japanese women's breasts are mostly spindle-shaped (papaya-shaped).

What kind of bra should a girl with big breasts buy?

Don't worry, we consulted a bra designer with 20 years of experience in the industry to give you shopping tips.

No matter what size breast you are, following these tips you will know how to buy a comfortable bra.

Our breasts are not just a simple ABCD that can be summarized. To buy comfortable underwear, you must have a clear understanding of your breast first.

Step 1. According to your breast shape choosing a bra

You can imagine your breast like a hemisphere. The chassis of the hemisphere has large or small sizes. The bulge of the hemisphere has high or low height.

Different breast shape

You can look in the mirror and determine what breast shape you are first.

Now we will introduce you to help you find your suitable bra one by one.

Buying Bra Suggestions for Circle Disc Shape

The character of this breast is the chassis of the breast is large, and the bulge of the breast is not too high. We can imagine your breast as an upside-down plate.

Compared to other breast shapes of the same size, circle disc breasts appear smaller when clothed.

Bra Suggestions for Circle Disc Shape Breast

When buying a bra, the most frequent problems are: the arc of the steel ring can't press on the breast, or the cup is too deep, causing the overall position of the steel ring or the middle position is painful.

Therefore, the circle disc shape breast should choose a bra with a large opening of the steel ring (that is, a gentle arc) and a slightly shallower cup.

Buying Bra Suggestions for Hemispherical Breast

The character of this breast is a large chassis and high bulge. The ratio of the two is close to 1:1. The shape of the breast is round.

Bra Suggestions for Hemispherical Breast

 The most frequent problem with wearing a bra is:

1. The underwire will press on the chest;

2. Shoulder straps press against the shoulders and indentations appear;

3. Swaying of the breast when walking;

4. Cup overflow.

To choose bras with a rounded bra and cup shape, 3/4 cup or full cup is recommended. The larger the coverage area, the more stable the breast shape and the less pressure on the shoulders.

If you want your breast to look small, remember to choose a single layer of non-stretch lace or embroidered thin cups. this bra of fabric is tight and more stable, and it is more breathable if you wear it in summer.

Buying Bra Suggestions for Conical Breast

The character of this breast is a small chassis and high bulge. The shape of the breast is like a cone.

Bra Suggestions for Conical Breast

A common problem is when wearing a bra it will have a space in the bra cup.

You can choose a bra with a cup that is thick at the bottom, thin at the top, and moderate in depth.

Buying Bra Suggestions for Spindle Breast (Papaya Breast)

The character of this breast is the diameter of the chassis is small, high bulge. The shape of a breast is relatively long.

Girls with papaya shape breasts are mostly big breasts.

If you viewed from the side, the breast is high and bulging. When they are clothed their body curve is beautiful and sexy.

Bra Suggestions for Spindle Breast

But girls with papaya shape breasts also buy suitable bras difficultly.

The problems that girls with papaya shape breasts often encounter are:

1. The steel ring of the bra is too large;

2. The cup is not big enough, causing the breast to overflow;

3. The breast shakes violently when they are walking;

4. Insufficient support of bra cups leads to sagging breasts.

Therefore, girls with papaya shape breasts need to buy bras with narrow underwire openings and deep cups. It is best to choose a 3/4 cup or full coverage cup to ensure the wrapping area and stability of the breast. The fabric of the bra cup is preferably light and inelastic.


Step 2. Measure size

The upper circumference and the lower circumference each measure data, many women measure the breast circumference in this way, right?

However, this measurement method is not complete.

Your breast is not a fixed shape, and the size will change when you breathe. It takes five data to measure the chest circumference correctly.

Measure method 1

Measure method 2

1. Two data to measure the lower circumference

When measuring the data, the upper body is naked and the body is upright normally.

loosen-measure-way: Keep breathing normally. Measure the lower circumference with a soft ruler against the skin.

tight-measure-way: Exhale as much as possible, and measure the lower circumference with a soft ruler against the skin.

2. Three data for measuring the upper circumference

Standing upright, leaning body on 45 degrees, bending over 90 degrees

When measuring your upper bust, use the soft ruler to circle around your body at the nipples.

The soft ruler should not be too tight or too loose, just fit the skin.

3. Result in the calculation

Upper bust average - lower bust average = cup

Select the bottom circumference according to the average lower bust circumference.


Best Choice

Cuup The Demi

Cuup the demi bra

Price: $78

Cup: A-H


Their customer said: “As a plus-size 40F and a darker-toned woman, this is great! Blends wonderfully under my light clothing and lifts n supports without all the unnecessary padding which as plus size, never makes sense to me anyway! ”

Elomi Cate Full Figure Soft Cup Bra

Elomi bra

Price: $59

Cup: E-G


Their customer said: “After two years of nursing bras without underwire, I knew I’d never go back. But finding a bra that holds up the girls without underwire is no easy feat. I LOVE this bra. It works and it’s comfortable by some miracle.”

YANDW Sexy Lace Plus Size Bra

YANDW plus size bra

Price: $15.99 (discount)

Cup: A-G


Underwired non-padded bra for the most comfortable experience at the lowest price. The underwire provides support for your breasts, and the padded, sheer lace design lets your breasts breathe freely.


Learning how to choose a bra can solve many problems caused by big breasts.

While writing the article, we learned about the real psychological predicament of many girls with big breasts.

The breasts sag or the breast is too heavy to cause a hunchback, resulting in an unsightly posture.

Because of their big breasts, they always are gazed at by people. They are ridiculed by many guys, even being labeled "milk cow" insultingly.

Too big breasts bring them low self-esteem and trouble.

But is it wrong to have big boobs?

Are we judging girls only by bust size?

When can we stop scrutinizing and kidnapping the female body?

If we can't change others, at least we treat ourselves first.

If you also have a friend with big breasts, please forward this article to her and tell her that both big breasts and small breasts are beautiful, and there is no need to feel shame.

Finally, I sincerely hope that every girl will no longer be troubled by the subject of self-acceptance. Let's make a love & peace atmosphere.

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