5 Different Breasts Shape and How to Choose Bra

Why is my bra always so uncomfortable?That's because you don't know enough about your boobs.

The first thing many girls do when they get home from work is to take off their thick bras.

Why? Uncomfortable!

The strangled red marks, poking on the chest, and the shoulder straps keep falling off... These phenomena are all too common.

But it is obvious that they bought the bra size according to their own measure size, why are some comfortable to wear and some uncomfortable to wear

That’s because the breasts can not be simply summarized by ABCD.

If you want to buy a comfortable bra, the first thing you need to do must be clearly know about your breasts.

How to choose a bra?

Everyone has the shape of a different boob. When choosing a bra, we usually pay attention to the size of the bra, but even if we choose the right size.

We will encounter all kinds of problems: extruding auxiliary breasts, pressing red marks, and slippery bra...

Because a bra is not as simple as one size.

A bra is not as simple as one size
Everyone's breasts are made up differently. The breast is mainly composed of fat and mammary glands, which are pulled by the suspensory ligament to make the breast more upright, while the fat will droop slightly due to gravity.

-> Relatively small breasts: fat and mammary glands are all smaller.

-> Relatively large breasts: can be divided into the fat type and glandular type.

The fat breast has more adipose tissue and fewer breast glands, which is softer; the glandular breast has more glandular tissue and less adipose tissue, so it is not easy to sag.

Because everyone's mammary gland and fat distribution are different, even the same-sized breast also has a different shape.

How to identify breast shape?

If we imagine the breast as a hemisphere (or cone), R = base diameter, the diameter of the contact between the breast and the body, H = bulge, the height of the breast bulge, and different sizes for the base diameter and bulge, it can combination to different chest shapes.

image the breast as a hemisphere

  • Disc type: large base diameter, a small bulge
  • Conical type: small base diameter, a small bulge
  • Hemispherical type: large base diameter, a large bulge
  • Spindle type: small base diameter, large bulge but not sagging
  • Sagging type: small base diameter, large bulge, and slightly sagging

5 different boobs shape

With different breast types, the direction of choosing a bra is also different

From the front view:

The steel wire with a small base diameter needs to be small. If the steel wire is selected to be large, it will easily lead to an empty cup. Suitable for conical type, spindle type, and sagging type.

A large base diameter, steel wire also needs a large one. If the steel wire is small, it is easy to slide up and compress the breast, which is suitable for disc and hemispherical types.

from the front views
From the side view:

The small bulge breast should choose shallow cups,if choose the deep cups will easily lead to empty cups, suitable for disc type and conical type.

In opposite, large bulge breast should choose deep cups, if choose shallow cups will easy to compress the breasts and squeeze out the auxiliary breast, suitable for hemispherical, spindle, and sagging types.

from the side view

Choose a bra according to breast shape

Disc type:

  • Match with 1/2 cup, triangle cup, 3/4 cup, thin top, and thin top thick bottom cup(common push-up bra)
  • Common troubles: empty cup, steel wire slips up

Choose tip: Choose a flat bra that fits your chest.

Conical type:

  • Match with 1/2 cup, triangle cup, 3/4 cup, pointed cup (the cup has pointed protrusions), thin top thick bottom cup (common push-up bra)
  • Common troubles: empty cup, steel wire slips up

Choose tip: Choose a flat bra that fits your chest.

Hemispherical type:

  • Match with 3/4 cup, whole cup
  • Common troubles: heavier breasts, easy indentations on the shoulders, sultry heat in summer

Choose tip: Choose a thin bra with wide shoulder straps.

Spindle type:

  • Match with 3/4 cup, whole cup
  • Common troubles: the upper part of the bra easily presses the breast, also will the squeezed-out auxiliary breast

Choose tip: choose a round bra with more open buckles.

Sagging type:

  • Match with 3/4 cup, whole cup
  • Common troubles: empty cup at the bottom of the bra

Choose tip: choose a deep cup bra and a larger cup.

6 difference bra typeTips:For hemispherical and sagging breasts, due to the lower part of the breasts of these two types of breasts being relatively large, it is easy to feel uncomfortable wearing push-up bras.

So it is not recommended to wear it again when you are wearing a push-up bra and feel uncomfortable.

Your comfort is the most important.

This proves that you picked the right bra

  1. The shoulder strap can be inserted into a finger
  2. The cup fits the breast
  3. The steel wire fits the breast edge
  4. The back band is parallel to the ground and can be inserted into two fingers

The most important thing about a bra is to experience it by yourself. There is nothing wrong with wearing a comfortable bra.


The bra is not only about beauty, comfort is the key.

An underwire bra is more supportive, a wireless bra is comfortable to wear,  even if no bra, you also have the right to choose and show your real self.

It is most appropriate to feel comfortable, and don't worry about the rumors that "underwire bra will cause breast cancer" and "no bra will lead to sagging breasts".

Nothing is more important than making yourself comfortable and happy!

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