7 Facts Between Bra and Breast Healthy You Need to Know

7 Facts Between Bra and Breast Healthy You Need to Know

Let's take a look at 7 facts between bra and breast healthy that everyone may want to ask and be eager to get an answer.

Many women wear bras every day but don't know a lot about bras and breast healthy. Sometimes, the simplest questions, like how to store your bras, can be embarrassing to ask.

Also in the era of rapid dissemination of information, for unknown questions, we can easily and conveniently get the information and answers just by checking it with a smartphone, but can you know the accuracy of the answers in the numerous and complicated information?

Let us take a look at 7 facts between bra and breast healthy that everyone may want to ask and be eager to get an answer.

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Can wearing a bra prevent sagging?


We need to wear bras for the same reason as we need to wear underwear. The biggest function of a bra is to "beautify the appearance" and avoid all kinds of embarrassment.You can't expect to wear underwear to prevent sagging of the buttocks.

The chest does sag, but some of the reasons for sagging may be unbelievable to you - gravity, of course, this is an external cause, and the internal cause is the relaxation of the suspensory ligament of the breast.

After the development of puberty, the increase of milk during lactation and the loss of protein tissue in the body and other physiological changes, the ligaments itself will appear natural aging and decrease in elasticity, and the supporting effect on the breast will gradually weaken.

It's impossible to fight the laws of nature on the basis of some fabric on your bra.

wear a bra cannot prevent sagging

Is it easy to get breast cancer by wearing a bra?

It's like having a fall after having dinner today, and then saying that you fell because of having dinner.

There have been very authoritative studies confirmed: Bras have nothing to do with the occurrence of any kind of breast cancer.

The popular "bra carcinogenic theory" is that bras, especially those with steel rings, will prevent lymphatic fluid from flowing to a certain area under the armpit, where bacteria and other waste are usually removed, but because of the extrusion of steel rings, so that bacteria and waste cannot be removed and cause cancer over time.

Modern evidence-based medicine has proven that there is no relationship between the two, the truth is that breast cancer is there, whether you wear a bra or not.

Can an adjusted bra eradicate the auxiliary breast?

After all, a bra is just a piece of clothing, and it is impossible to "eradicate" the auxiliary breast.

For patients with auxiliary breasts, the so-called auxiliary breast adjustment bra often has a transfer method, which seems to make the auxiliary breast retract.

In fact, it only temporarily squeezes the auxiliary breast to a suitable position, and has absolutely no effect on eradicating the auxiliary breast, let alone the so-called health care effect; moreover, a too tight bra will compress the armpit, which will make the lymphatic flow of the breast impeded. Or compress the brachial plexus, causing swollen breasts and numbness in the arms.

The adjusted bra is not recommended.

I feel that my breasts are big, can I wear corsets all the time?

-> Cannot!

If it is simply because of the big breasts that you want to bind it, especially adolescent girls, most of them may choose to corset their breasts because they are shy, but this will affect the normal development of the breast.

Please release your nature, and be yourself with confidence, big breasts are also one of your charms, don't be shy!

Can I wear a bra to sleep at night?

Yes, you can wear it. But I've been wearing it all day, do you really don't want to take it off asap when you get home?

There is no research to tell us that it makes any difference whether you wear it or not. But only from the comfort experience of women, it is recommended not to wear it when sleeping, especially before menstruation, the physiological pain of the breast will aggravate edema due to the oppression of the bra, while the human body at night is more sensitive to pain, which will affect sleep.

wear a bra to sleep at night

How to choose a bra for pregnant mothers?

After becoming a pregnant mother, in order to prepare for breastfeeding, the volume of the breast will increase, the color of the areola and nipple will deepen, and in the third trimester, the nipple may overflow with light yellow fluid, which is normal.

So what kind of bra is more suitable for pregnant mothers?

  • Size: Generally speaking, the size during pregnancy will be larger than usual. Choose the right size to ensure that the bra will not squeeze the breast or stimulate the nipple. You can choose a special pregnant bra or nursing bra;
  • Material: Cotton or natural fiber material;
  • Breastfeeding response: In the third trimester of pregnancy, if there is fluid flowing out of the nipple, you can stuff a cotton handkerchief or cotton pad in the cup to absorb the overflowing fluid, or you can choose a disposable breast pad.
choose a bra for pregnant mothers

    How to choose a bra in the ordinary?

    In fact, all we need is a bra that suits us, except for the size, the following 3 points we should know when we choose a bra.

    1. Comfortable material

    The material of the underwear is natural and breathable cotton, mainly considering the adaptability of the skin.
    Fabrics such as chemical fibers can easily cause allergic discomfort to the skin on the surface of the breast, ranging from itching to recurrent eczema that does not heal.

    2. Lighter colors

    Light-colored underwear helps us to clearly see the color and amount of nipple discharge, and sometimes it is easier to detect certain nipple discharge diseases.

    3. Comfortable shoulder straps

    Choosing a wider shoulder strap can reduce the pressure on the shoulders and improve comfort, which is the same as choosing a wider back band for a school bag.

    In short, for women no bra or wear a bra, and what to wear, all depends on personal experience and concepts, not on health.

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