How To Measure Bra Size Correctly

Finding your bra size feels like a quest for the holy grail sometimes. Find it, and you've unlocked true beauty and comfort!
Follow these simple steps to learn how to measure bra size correctly and how to check that you're wearing the correct size. After you find a perfect fit, you can start shopping at YANDW. No matter your measurements or stage of life, you're sure to find something you love.
Situations like weight fluctuations, having children, and just getting older can affect your bra size. Wearing the wrong bra size causes things like straps to slip off, which leads to discomfort. That's why some experts recommend checking your bra size about once a year to keep up with your changing body.

3 Simple Tips To Help You Find The Right Bra Size

It's important to choose the right bra size, lest you deal with painful and even dangerous problems, like back pain, neck pain, and chafing.
Heck, you can even find yourself dealing with nerve damage and permanent scarring. Bra fitting isn't only about vanity; it's about health.
How to measure bra size is as easy as two measurements and a simple calculation. There can be a few complications, but it really is that simple.
The first step is to find a flexible measuring tape and put on a thin, unpadded bra. Please also note that YANDW uses American sizing, which is based on measurements in inches.
This also has some videos that will allow you to learn more quickly how to measure bra sizes.

#1- Find Band Size

Wrap the measurement tape in a straight line around your back and just under your bust. Keep the tape snug but not tight or uncomfortable. Round your measurement down to the next even number and write that number down.
For instance, if your underbust is just over 38", round down to 38". If you're just over 38.5", round up to 40".
Voila, there's the band size done!

#2- Measure Bust Size

Move the tape up to wrap around your back and the fullest part of your chest. Relax and take a deep breath or two to let the tape settle. Again, you don't want the band to be too tight.
If your measurement is below half an inch, round down. If it's close to or above the half-inch, round it up. Even or odd doesn't matter here.
So, if you measure just over 40", round down to 40". If you're 40.5", go up to 41."
Write the number down — this will help determine your cup sizing.

#3- Determine Cup Size

Here's where it can get tricky. Different manufacturers have different specifications for cup size (more on that later). But, generally speaking, you can determine your cup size by subtracting the first number (band size) from the second number (bust size).
The cup size generally goes up for every inch of difference:
Difference (in inches) Cup Size
For instance, using the examples above, if you have a bust measurement of 40" and an underbust measurement of 38", you're a 38B.
If you have a bust measurement of 41" and an underbust measurement of 40", you're a 40A.
As you can see, a small change in your measurements can really affect the final sizing!


Here are a few major pitfalls you might fall into while measuring yourself for a bra.

Do Not Wear A Sports Bra When You Start Measuring

The best thing to wear while measuring yourself is a thin, unpadded bra. A sports bra may seem like a reasonable alternative. Because they separate and flatten breasts, though, it can give you an incorrect measurement.

Do Not Wear A Padded Bra When You Start Measuring

For the same reason, you shouldn't wear a padded or push-up type. These will often give you a larger cup size than you really are.
If you absolutely don't have anything appropriate to wear while fitting yourself, you can measure around your bare back and breasts. Just understand that this will give you a less accurate measurement.

Each Brand's Size Standard Is Different

Each brand has a slightly different sizing system for both band and cup sizes. Additionally, your exact size may vary depending on the type of bra (for example, you may be a different size for a push-up than a balconette).
Use this measurement as a guide, not the ultimate truth, when you're shopping with a new brand. Try on a few different sizes to check the fit before you make a final purchase.

How To Use YANDW's Size Chart?

In order to let you determine your size faster, YANDW has simplified the size chart, you don't need to have extra calculations, just measure your upper and lower breast size and then choose your bra size against the size chart.

Bra Size Fit Checklist

Ultimately, the only way you can tell if a bra fits is to put it on. However, since so many women wear the wrong size, you may not know what the right bra feels like.
Here's a refresher on some ways to tell whether to tell if a bra fits.

What The Right Size Feels Like

  • The band is snug, but not tight. You can stick one finger under the band, but no more. There should be no back bulges underneath your band.
  • The shoulder straps are snug, but not tight. They don't cut into your skin or produce bulges.
  • The cups cover your breast the appropriate amount for the bra type. The cups shouldn't be overly tight and there shouldn't be any loose fabric gaps, either.
  • If there's an underwire in your bra, it fits comfortably under your breasts.

What The Wrong Size Feels Like

  • The band digs in and feels painful. Or, it's too loose and fails to support your breasts. The back of your bra rides up your back when you lift your arms or bend over.
  • The straps dig into your shoulders or constantly slide off your shoulders.
  • Your breasts bulge around the edge of the cups or there's a big gap between where your breast ends and the cup begins.
  • The underwire can't rest under your breasts, or it keeps riding up.

Shopping Time!

Once you've figured out how to measure bra size, it's time to treat yourself to a beautiful new bra or two. No matter what your bra size, you can find a wide selection at YANDW. Whether you need a sexy pushup or a special occasion strapless, they'll have what you're looking for.