Short top in soft fabric with a square neckline and draped bodice. Long sleeves with narrow elastic at shoulders and cuffs. Lined bodice.

Push up Padded Bra features soft and smooth lace thick padded and underwire to lift the breast up and provides a great cleavage.

I would definitely be buying more when they come into stalk again. I can’t believe how comfortable my bra was. Definitely less irritated like I would be with my other bras . I wore it all day without it ever being on my mind. It made my boobs look naturally bigger and firm. I was in a better mood from the comfort alone. It was made well so I know it will be used many more times. I’ve picked it over my other bras and want more of this bra.





This comfortable sexy bra with underwire and adjustable straps gives you great support and lift up your girls, providing a natural shape.

Perfect for any low cut dress, tops and everyday's wear.

Fabric: 85% Polyamide 15% Spandex 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much padding is there?

Approximately 1.4 inches (3.5cm). This push up bra with thick padded and underwire design that lifts small breast up and provides a great cleavage and natural round shape and add a cup size instantly.


There is quite a bit of padding. I’m 36DDD and bought the 36DD/E size and there’s a lot of padding in it. I like it but if you’re smaller then I am then it’s probably much padding. Just depends on what you like. There’s more padding then what you would get if you got a bra and victory secrets. It’s pretty close to the bombshell bra by VS tho.

By Batman Jensen on December 23, 2020

About 11/2 inches at the thickest part .... maybe almost 2 inches...

Very comfortable...

Machine wash on gentle in a garment bag —- hang to dry ...

And it comes out perfectly!

I love this bra!

By Customer on December 23, 2021

Does this bra make your boobs looks pointy?

Not at all. Your boobs look natural, just enhanced. And the bra is surprisingly comfortable compared to others I’ve had.

By Anne M on December 30, 2021

No, this push up bra makes your boobs look natural round shape and lift add cup size enhanced.

By  Customer on January 21, 2021

I'm looking for a underwire push up bra to make my small girls look bigger. Is it comfortable to wear all day?

I have repurchased this push up padded bra once, and now I have it in three colors. Good quality and very comfortable! It has become my favorite bra!!!

By Tesheasa on October 10, 2021
Yes! I am very impressed with this bra. Very comfortable and sexy! And it fits perfect! Highly recommend it!!!
By Smusmea on September 16, 2021

Is this very comfortable?

Yes it is super comfortable!!! Buying Bras online is always tricky, but I feel like I scored buying 2 of these!!

By nhmomma on March 6, 2022

I bought my daughter six different ones she needed a lot of the extra padding she says this one was the most comfortable
By samma on March 6, 2022

Is the under wire uncomfortable?

No it’s not, very comfortable.

By shug on March 17, 2022

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