Say Goodbye to Back Fat

Say Goodbye to Back Fat

 Keep Healthy,Say Goodbye to your Back Fat

    Where is your back fat?

    Back fat can appear in the upper back area in the vicinity of the bra strap, in the mid-back area above the waist, and in the lower back area just over the top of the pants waistband.

    Find yourself a hand-held mirror and then stand with your back to a larger mirror. Hold the hand-held mirror at a suitable angle to look at your reflection. The area with back fat should be easily identified from the reflection.


    Why do women have back fat?

    1. A lack of exercise

    Walking, running, and most of your normal daily exercises have very limited impact on your back. Even specialised exercise training can be inadequate, making it difficult to strengthen back muscles or target back fat. Muscles that have become untoned can eventually turn into body fat as well.


    1. Fat transfer

    Excess fat on your belly, legs, arms, and other parts of your body could possibly transfer onto your back. Finding a way to lose fat overall is the best method to lose back fat.


    1. Unhealthy Diet

    Analyse your daily diet. Is your diet full of greasy food, sweet treats, or milky products? Or is your diet rich in fiber and low in sodium? Foods high in calories but low in nutritional value are a large contributing factor of excess body fat, including back fat.


    1. Under Pressure

    In reality, women face more pressure than men, which in turn has a negative impact on their metabolism. This slows down the body’s process of burning fats. Unfortunately, women tend to store fat more efficiently than men, especially when they have a slow metabolism.


    1. Poor Posture

    Poor posture may transfer fat from other parts of your body to your back. Incorrect posture coupled with clothes that don’t fit well, also conspire to make your back look lumpy.    


    Ways to get rid of back fat

    1. Diet

    Excess fat and water retention can be eliminated from your body with a healthy diet. Creating a calorie-controlled diet plan that is rich in fiber and low in sodium and fat is essential. You need to calculate your daily calorie intake, and maintain a good balance of meat, diary products, vegetables, fruit, and grains. An on-line calorie calculator would be helpful.


    1. Cardio 

    Cardio sessions can significantly reduce body fat. Cardio workouts help you burn more calories, get in great shape, and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. High-intensity cardio exercise is especially helpful in burning off back fat and strengthening back muscles. Please contact a fitness coach to help you create a personalized weight loss plan and establish a workout plan most suitable for you.  


    1. Yoga and Posture-Improving Activities

    Practicing Yoga can improve your body tone by straightening your back, arms, and legs. The stretching helps to activate the fat stored in back.

    Posture-improving exercises are not only beneficial for body toning, but also for burning of calories. Like Yoga, these posture-improving activities help to tone your back.

    Both of these exercise regimes can also boost your self-confidence by giving you inner peace. Many women feel relaxed when they practice Yoga in a peaceful environment, as it helps to relieve them of stress and other pressures.

    Get started, practice Yoga and posture-improving activities at home or in the office.


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