Boobs sore seems to be something that every woman has encountered, so it must be a disease? 
No, it actually has to do with what stage we are in.

1、Your period is coming.

Before your period, the level of estrogen in the body begins to gradually increase, and the boobs feel heavier, which causes breast tenderness. The special point of the sore boobs is boobs will become fullness and tenderness, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. When estrogen levels drop after period, the localized pain also eases or disappears.

2、You’re pregnant.

This is because after pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, etc. are secreted by the placental chorion. Under these stimulation conditions, the development of mammary gland ducts and mammary acinus is accelerated, which is to prepare for feeding the baby in the future. Sore boobs usually lasts two to three months.

3、You went too hard in your workout.

Mental can also affect hormone secretion and menstrual cramps, leading to conditions such as breast hyperplasia. When you’re too busy at work and stress builds up , not only menstrual disorders, but also sore boobs will occur.

4、Your bra isn’t in correct size.

Lingerie that is too big or too small will put pressure on the chest, choose the right size for bra will reduce the damage to the boobs and make it feel comfortable.

5、Breast hyperplasia

Mammary gland hyperplasia is neither tumor nor inflammation. It is breast tissue hyperplasia and is closely related to endocrine dysfunction. Breast hyperplasia has a certain relationship with emotions. It is recommended to relax, try not to be angry, do not get angry, and take appropriate venting methods, such as traveling, singing, etc. to relieve the pressure 

Tips for release the boobs hurt:

1、Pay attention to a reasonable diet

Daily eating habits play an extremely important role. When women experience boobs hurt, they should change their diet and eat more low-fat and high-fiber foods. Usually, they can choose beans, cereals, vegetables and fruits. These is easy for the body to digest and absorb,and it can also achieve a very good effect on the treatment of female breast pain.

2、Prevent obesity

Usually women had to control their weight in healthy way, because many women experience sore boobs because their weight continues to increase, which slows down the normal circulation of blood. Therefore, women should do some exercise to promote the blood circulation of the body. Strengthen the body's immunity and control the weight within the normal range.

3、Need to chat with your doctor.

If you can’t pinpoint any other reason for your sore boobs, go ahead and make an appointment with your physician. She or he can discuss other reasons behind your sore boobs or perform a clinical breast exam to check for any abnormalities.