Marathon is an extreme long-distance running sport. This is not an ordinary runner who can just run. Is it important to wear nipple tape when running a marathon? This really depends on the runner, for those runners who have never experienced, and never experience nipple rubbing or nipple bleeding. Other runners may suffer from painful nipples when they run.

Why do people say that you must wear nipple tape when running a marathon? 

What will happen if you don't wear them on? 

In fact, for the masses of runners, it takes about two hours to run a half-marathon and four hours to run a full-marathon! Run four hours, nipples and our short sleeves rubbing against each other, after a long time, it will break the skin bleeding! So, it is vital for us to wear nipple tape on the race day.

There are several factors that can cause nipple rubbing, so it's worth trying to address the root cause of the problem before looking for a solution. First of all, consider these factors before simply protecting your nipples.

Do you have a proper technical running top? 

 – If you are running in a cotton t-shirt then you are asking for nipple rub, look for a new specific technical running top, because proper running tops have the fib-res chosen for friction reduction. If your top is too loose or too tight, it can cause friction.

Do you have sensitive skin?


 – If you have sensitive skin, you should carefully consider your choice of washing powder,for non-bio or eco-friendly may help. Try using or not using fabric softener, as it can reduce friction, which actually cause irritation for some people.

Are you a salty sweater?

 – Some runners will sweat out more salt than others, while it’s no consolation, and if you are salty sweater then you will be more likely to rub your nipples. You can judge the saltiness of your sweat according to how salty it is: how it smells, whether it stings your eyes and whether it leaves a noticeable white residue on your dry, sweaty clothes.

If you have thought about and addressed all these questions, but still have problems in nipple abrasions, then let's talk about nipple tape.

Nipple tapes is not so good?

Many runners swear to use nipple tapes which sticking zinc tape or plasters over your nipples, however, there are some disadvantages because lots of people unaware that there is a specific product that does a proper job.

Taping the nipples does prevent friction, but there are three main disadvantages.

  • Plasters and tape sticks to the skin around the nipple which means when you sweat, it will fall off and get loose, because there are a lot more sweat glands on the skin outside the nipple.

  • the nipple remains in indirect contact with the point of friction.

  • For most guys and women, sensitive hair grows around the nipples, so removing plasters or tape that without loosening it is a bit like waxing, which is not for the faint of heart!

Nipple tapes, originally a kind of auxiliary jewelry to show off the beauty, it can not only cover the areola to avoid embarrassment, but also make people feel comfortable and safe! But in the marathon, nipple tapes play more than just a decorative role. No matter men or women, as long as you are participating in a marathon, it is best to prepare yourself by nipple tapes.