Troubled by Sagging Breasts? 5 Best Bras for Saggy Breasts You Should Know

Troubled by Sagging Breasts? 5 Best Bras for Saggy Breasts You Should Know

Our breasts sag naturally due to gravity. But there are other reasons for sagging breasts, such as heredity, natural aging, and sudden weight gain. How can we slow down breast sagging?

Sagging breasts are a regular aspect of having larger breasts, but how they look can affect women's confidence. The slender body types find it simpler to swiftly put together an outfit with any lingerie, whereas ladies with large breasts struggle with it. The improper bra might cause just as severe side effects as exposed, sagging breasts that shift with your every step.

Determine your ideal size and bust shape, and always wear a well-fitting bra. Women with greater breast sizes are typically more likely to experience sagging breasts. It all comes down to knowing your breast form and which sort of bra is ideal for you.

Why Do Breasts Get Saggy?

A variety of circumstances can cause sagging breasts.

Because gravity pulls on women's breasts over time, most women's breasts will sag as they age. Sagging may also be compounded by the fact that the collagen in your skin and tissues loses strength over time and is less readily replaced.


Almost all women will eventually have ptosis (breast sagging) to some extent. Genetics plays a factor in sagging, among other things.

You might have breast sagging if this trait was inherited from your female family members.

Getting Older

The ligaments that make up the breast tissue stretch and lose flexibility as a woman ages. As a result of the underlying tissue and fat support system thinning, breast fullness is weakened. During menopause, a change could be more noticeable. 

Exercising Without Wearing a Supportive Sports Bra

Lack of sufficient support will cause your breasts to sag. Since our breasts move a lot while we exercise, wearing a supportive bra is necessary for maintaining breast shape and lift.

Major Weight Fluctuations

Significant weight changes may result in the breasts being stretched unnecessarily. Women will be able to stop the progression of unwanted stretching if they maintain a healthy weight. 

Other causes

Number of pregnancies

Increased blood volume leads the tissue to enlarge as a result of pregnancy hormones, and the glands start producing more milk as a result. Your boobs get heavy and may even sag as a result of all this fluid gain. 

Frequent smoking can mess with your skin's elasticity

Smoking can have an adverse effect on your body as well as your face, causing harm to both. Previously firm areas of the skin may start to sag as their elasticity declines. The inner arms and breasts are included in this. According to research, smoking is the main factor contributing to sagging breasts. 

Wrong Bra Size Can Also Lead to Saggy Breast

A sagging breast appearance may be caused by the incorrect bra/band size. The majority of the support in a bra should come from the bra band. Because of gravity, if your band is too loose, the weight of your breasts will cause the front of your bra to droop. 

Place two fingers under your bra band to see if it fits you properly. If there is enough room for them, your band size is excessive. Consider going up one cup size and down one band size. For instance, try a size 34D bra if your size 36C bra is sagging. Take a fit test to get extra assistance with bra fitting. 

How to Improve the Condition of Sagging Breasts?



Fibrous connective tissue and muscles located beneath the breasts can be exercised to enhance the appearance of your breasts overall. It is advised to perform a variety of breast exercises to address sagging breasts. 



Your body may generate collagen with the aid of the food and beverages you ingest. Maintaining the suppleness and general health of your skin can be done in large part by eating foods high in vitamin C, phytoestrogens, Omega-3 fatty acids, and the amino acid L-Arginine. 

Get a Better Bra

A supportive, well-fitting bra can make your outfit look better. Your greatest option for supporting features is an underwired bra. In order to elevate the drooping breasts, an underwired bra offers the bra plenty of support. 

Can Sagging Breasts Be Firm Again? 

Your breasts can never regain their previous size and shape once they start to sag. However, there are certain steps you may take to strengthen and elevate your bust. Breast tissue that has lost its youthful firmness cannot be restored without plastic surgery. Surgery to elevate the breasts effectively reverses sagging. To make the entire breast look fuller, you might also want to consider getting a breast implant. 

Bra Features Best For Sagging Breasts

You must keep a few things in mind while selecting a bra for sagging breasts in order to prevent future sagging breast issues. 

Bra with Great Support

The support at the back of the bra you choose for your breasts will balance out the weight of the breasts and make them feel lighter. 

Bras that provide some lift

To prevent bounce, your bra should lift your breasts with a firm band and cups that enclose them snugly but pleasantly. 

A bra with some stretch to it

 The raised, rounded appearance is not as easily achieved with stiff, molded cups as some people may believe.

Instead, bras made of flexible, stretchy fabric provide lift, shape, and support in a way that looks natural. 

Good side support

The best support and lift are provided by side support bras.

The added elements make the bra stronger and project your breast tissue forward, bringing it closer to the center. 

Three or more hook-and-eye closure

For greater support, your bra should have three or more hooks and eye closures to hold the bra together. Your breasts won't sag because of stronger support. 

Avoid single-layer bras with molded cups

A molded bra is one without seams extending through the center of the cup and with a cup composed of a single piece of fabric.

To get a breast that seems lifted, you must avoid this. They don't offer much support and appear your breast larger.

Which bra should I wear for sagging breasts?

The appropriate kind of bra for sagging breasts can make your breasts appear slightly elevated and in shape, so those who are battling with drooping breasts should choose such a sort.


T-Shirt Bras 

t shirt bra

T-shirt bras are praised for their comfort and ease of use because they are seamless and almost undetectable under clothing. Additionally, this kind of bra guarantees that your breasts appear natural, rounded, and lifted. If you like wearing body-con dresses or tops but find the visible seams bothersome, these are a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Full-cup Bra

full cup bra

Without a doubt, the greatest choice for women with larger and sagging busts is a full-cup bra.

In addition to providing complete coverage for the breasts, this bra also delivers strong support by preventing embarrassing top and side spilling issues. It gently lifts you while giving your breasts form. 

Underwired Bra

underwire bra

When it comes to supporting qualities, underwired bras are your best option. An underwired bra offers the bra plenty of support to elevate the sagging breasts. It works best for people who like to go without padding and be lightweight without sacrificing support. An underwired bra provides the proper amount of lift, giving the breasts a natural contour.

Push-up Bra

push up bra

A push-up bra is a great option for women with sagging breasts since it works against gravity to provide the lift that every woman wants. 

You'll look larger while also gaining an additional "visible" cup size with this! The bra elevates the breasts up and toward the center with more padding in the cups to help with that lift. 

Balconette Bra


For those of us blessed with large breasts, a good option is a balconette bra because it provides support and coverage and goes well with most outfits. A balconette is a well-liked design because it provides a rounded appearance, excellent support, and less coverage than a full cup style. In contrast to joining in the middle, the straps are frequently slightly wider placed and linked towards the side of the cup. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sagging Breast

At What Age Do Breasts Start to Sag?

Breast sagging might start in your 20s or 30s. Additionally, it may occur later in life. Breast sagging doesn't necessarily begin at a certain age.

Saggy breasts are most frequently caused by aging-related skin elasticity loss. Other potential causes include smoking, having large breasts, and experiencing hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

Does Not Wearing a Bra Cause Breast Sagging?

According to Dr. Blake, wearing a bra doesn't make your breasts sag less, and not wearing one doesn't make them sag more. She asserts that wearing a bra has no impact on the likelihood of developing breast ptosis, often known as breast sagging. Additionally, it won't affect how your breasts are shaped.

How do you know that you have saggy breasts?

The nipple may tip downward, the top of the breast may not be as full as it once was, and your breasts may appear to sit lower on your chest. The location of the nippled about the breast fold serves as a gauge for the severity of breast ptosis. Nipples that are higher than the fold's line are regarded as healthy. 


All of the components of our bodies are subject to change over time. The best strategy is frequently to be proactive as we deal with life's issues. So go ahead and get comfy, eat healthfully, and exercise frequently. 

Additionally, since there is no practical method to defy gravity, wearing a bra that fits properly is a great approach to prevent breast sagging. You may pull sagging breasts back up to their proper position with a bra that provides the right amount of coverage, support, and fit. Therefore, stop the sag by purchasing a supportive bra that fits you properly. 

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