How to Put On A Bra

Your Ultimate Guide to How to Put On A Bra - Follow These 6 Steps

You may wear a bra every day, but did you actually know how to put on it on a proper way? Share this guide with you.

Using a bra assists in supporting and giving a distinct shape to the breasts because they are made of tissue and don't contain any muscle. Bras are a necessity for daily life since they support women's breasts.

Putting on a bra is easy and simple to learn with some practice. If the bra fits you properly, it should feel comfortable once you put it on.

Why need a 'right' way to put bras on?

By properly putting your bra on, you can enhance the curves of your upper body and improve your posture and general comfort. This enables your breasts to fit inside the cups naturally and properly.

How to put on a bra correctly?

six steps to put on your bra properly

Step 1: Start with put your arms through the bra's armhole.

The first step is for the traditional bra to put your arms through the straps, that is the easy way, If you are the strapless bra, you can just start with step 2.

Step 2: Clasp the bra.

Clasps in the back join the right and left sides of most bras. These clasps usually contain two or three hooks on one side that link to two or three loops on the other. Getting each hook into a loop is your purpose.

Clasp the bra in the front, instead of having a clasp at the back, some bras feature one around the front or side. It is simple to clasp the front clasp because it usually only has one setting.

Step 3: Next with the straps and adjust the straps properly.

If the straps are too tight, make them looser.To straighten the straps, pull up the additional strap that will hang free and pull down the clasp to reposition it closer to the back of the bra. Adjust the length of both clasps to the same level.

Step 4: Choose your tightness setting.

If the straps are too tight, they could irritate your skin; if they are too loose, your breasts could be exposed unevenly.

You can adjust the bra a little to make it tighter or looser around your body because many bras have two or three tightness settings.

Step 5: Move your breasts into the cups and fill the cups.

If you aren't already standing, do so now and lower your chest to the ground while bending down. You can move your breasts correctly by doing this. Using the hand across from each breast, feel the tissue, then move it in to fill the side of the cup.

Use the same hand to lift the breast after moving the breast's sides inward and then upward. Use your second hand and breast to carry out the same procedure.

Step 6: Make sure the underwire party underneath your boobs holds up your breasts perfectly.

Your bra's underwire should preferably be placed, so it runs directly along the bottom of your breasts, allowing no excess room for them to hang down. Breasts shouldn't extend beyond the underwire.

Five comfort bras recommend

After knowing how to put on your bra properly, you can practice it by following each step. Here we want to share 5 comfort bras for all of you to be your daily wear.

Third Love Wireless Bra

You get all-day support & ultimate comfort with the bra's seamless fit technology, which never pinches.It has anti-slip technology to stop slipping down.Moreover, it lifts and defines you to improve your shape without the awful uni-boob.


  • Anti-slip technology
  • Seamless Fit
  • Comfortable and Supportive
Third Love Wireless Bra

    ⇨ YANDW Strapless Gathered Push-Up Brassiere

    This bra has detachable straps that can be worn in various ways, including strapless, halter, and one-shoulder. A wireless and seamless cup gives off a smooth appearance under clothing and keeps your breasts at ease all day. Adjustable smooth ribbon with padded offers your breasts extra lift and provide custom cleavage and moderate support.


    • Wireless
    • Seamless cups
    • Comfortable and good lift
    • Detachable straps
    YANDW Strapless Gathered Push-Up Brassiere

      ⇨ True&Co Soft Neck Adjustable Strap Bra

      This Bra is constructed with the revolutionary weightless flex-knit fabric, which offers all-day comfort and a stay-in-place fit. It has wide, comfortable adjustable straps that make it easy to tighten and loosen the straps.


      • Adjustable straps
      • Comfortable fabric
      True&Co Soft Neck Adjustable Strap Bra

        ⇨ Soma Full Coverage Wireless Unlined Bra

        It's a nice unlined wireless bra that provides the most coverage, also the unlined and has an additional sling in the cups that offer good support. Soft, wire-free, synthetic, unlined, and embraceable fabric is used. It has broad, supple straps that are adjustable.


        • Wireless
        • Comfortable unlined cups
        • Adjustable straps
        Soma Full Coverage Wireless Unlined Bra

          ⇨ Bali Comfort Revolution® Wirefree Bra

          Ultra-thin foam cups on this bra stretch for a flexible fit. The back and straps include a Comfort-U design that keeps them in place. You can stay dry and comfortable by using Cool ComfortTM fabric. It includes broad, adjustable straps with three different hook-and-eye back closure options for customized comfort.


          • Ultra-thin foam cup
          • Cool Comfort fabric
          • Three Hook and Eye back close
          • Adjustable straps
          Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra


            Bras are such an essential part of a girl's life, so it's important to know how to wear one properly. You most likely wear the incorrect bra size and style for your body type if your bra constantly needs to be adjusted during the day and does not stay in place.

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