How to Prevent Bra Straps Falling? YANDW Can Help You

How to Prevent Bra Straps Falling? YANDW Can Help You

Why are our shoulder straps always slipping? Let yandw take you to understand the reasons and solutions for shoulder strap slippage!

Bra strap slip is a problem that almost every woman encounters when wearing bra. We all know that repeatedly adjusting the straps can be annoying.

Why are our shoulder straps always slipping? Even after adjusting the length of the shoulder straps, it still doesn't help.

Let YANDW take you to understand the reasons and solutions for bra straps slipping!

Bra Not Fit

1. The Cup Is Too Big

"Why do bra straps keep falling down?" The most common reason is your bra cup is too big. Bra cups that are too big will lead to empty cups.

Empty cups create a gap between the tops of the cups and the breasts, and the straps don't fit our body well.

At this time, the function of bra's lifting and fixing the shoulder strap cannot be realized, and it will cause your bra straps falls off and always cause trouble.

2. The Band Size Is Too Large

The second common reason of bra straps keep falling is your bra band is too large. 

The bra strap is too large so the bra cannot fix the breasts. At the same time, the lower circumference is too loose, the band cannot be tightened, causing the bra to move up.

At this point your bra won't even hold your breasts, let alone keep your straps on your shoulders.

3. Straps Length Have Not been Adjusted

After the new bra is purchased, it needs to be adjusted to the appropriate position, so that the bra can provide good support for our breasts and can effectively prevent the bra straps from slipping off.

Bra Style Not Fit

If your bra size is chosen correctly, but your bra straps keep fall off, then you might consider whether it's because the style of bra you've chosen doesn't suit you.

The shape of the breasts, like the height of the body, is the embodiment of genetic diversity. A thousand women have a thousand breast shapes. Different breast types should choose the appropriate bra type.

For example, women with plump lower breasts and high nipple points can easily lead to empty cups and shoulder straps if they wear a push-up bra with thick padding.

Shoulder Shape

Bra straps falling down is also related to our body size and shoulder inclination.

Some women are born with narrow or sloping shoulders, or they often face the computer in daily life, which causes the trapezius muscle to swell and cause sloping shoulders.

For women with sloping or narrow shoulders, even if the bra is the correct size, it is difficult to avoid the straps from slipping off the shoulders.

Straps Lose Elasticity

Loss of elasticity in bra straps can also cause the bra straps to slip.

In everyday life, it is important to wash and dry your bra properly. Washing your bra the wrong way will shorten the life of your bra. In particular, the wrong drying method can also cause your bra straps to lose elasticity.

Also, bras need to be changed regularly. The straps of a bra that is too old may have lost their elasticity and you still confusing why your straps keep slipping off.

How to Prevent The Bra Straps Keep Falling?

Make sure your bra fits

Step 1: Make sure your bra is the correct size

Different bra brands use different bra sizes standard. 

Although bra sizing is done in much the same way, a bra size purchased from one brand may not fit another bra brand. 

Getting the right bra size is the first step in preventing the bra straps from slipping. Before buying a different brand of bra, make sure you choose the correct size. 

Step 2: Identify your breast shape

Before buying a bra, make sure it fits your breast shape. 

Buying a bra that is not suitable for your chest shape will not only not bring out the chest shape, but also cause the shoulder straps to slide down and other problems, making you have an uncomfortable wearing experience.

Step 3: Choose the right bra base on your bra size and breast shape

According to step1 and step2, at this point, you have a certain understanding of your breast size and breast shape.

Picking a bra based on your bust shape and size can help you get a bra that fits you better and save you from having to worry about bra straps slipping.

How to choose a bra for sloping shoulders or narrow shoulders?

For women with sloping or narrow shoulders, we recommend a T-back or Racerback Bra. This bra strap design allows the straps to sit well on your shoulders and helps correct your posture.

In addition, if you are not born with sloping shoulders, but have sloping shoulders due to enlarged trapezius muscles, we recommend that you perform stretching exercises according to your actual situation.

Wash your bra properly

We recommend hand washing your bra, which will prolong the life of your bra without losing elasticity to your bra straps.

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Dry your bra properly

Don't hang your bra with the bra straps from the clothesline as gravity pulls the wet bra which will loosen its shape. You should always hang the bras by the center, which attaches to the two cups.


That's all there is to explaining why your bra straps won't stay in place, along with a few ways to keep them from slipping.

It should be noted that the right bra is a prerequisite for you to have a real wearing experience.

If you're having more trouble with bras that don't fit, check out our bra fit guide.

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