How to Identify Breast Shape

Ultimate Guide to Identify Breast Shape and Choose Right Bra Styles

Here is the 6 main type of breast shape and share what kind of bra can match.

A bra is not as simple as one size and cannot be simply summarized by ABCD. Everyone's breasts are made up differently because the breast is mainly composed of fat and mammary glands.

The different combinations will cause different breast shapes, so if you want to buy a suitable bra, the first thing you need to do must clearly know about your breasts.

How to identify breast shape?

You can determine your own breast shape visually by examining your breasts in the mirror, seeing both their shape as well as your nipple placement.

Imagine the breast as a hemisphere (or cone),

  • R = base, the diameter of the contact between the breast and the body
  • H = bulge, the height of the breast bulge.

The base diameter and bulge sizes can combine into different breast shapes.

Imagine the breast as a hemisphere

6 main breast types and bras recommend

According to the measure way we mentioned, breast shapes can be divided into 6 main types. Check it!

Round & Archetype

Round breast shape and Archetype breast shape

bra recommendation

      Conical & Pointed

      Conical and Pointed breast shape

      • Breasts with small base and small bulge. Take on more of a triangular shape.
      • Style: For this type of boobs can choose small steel wire and thin cup bra to lift up your breast and offer support.
      • They can match with 1/2 cup bra, triangle cup bra, 3/4 cup bra, pointed cup bra (the cup has pointed protrusions), thin top thick bottom cup bra (ordinary push-up bra)
      • Bra recommendation:
      bra recommendation


          Athletic breast shape

          bra recommendation


              Slender breast shape

              bra recommendation

                  Pendulous, Relaxed, Teardrops & Bell

                  Pendulous, Relaxed, Teardrops and Bell breast shape

                  • Breasts with small base and large bulge with varying degrees of sagging.
                  • Style: For this type of boobs, choose small steel wire; a thick cup bra will give the support that the bottom of the breasts needs.
                  • They can match with a 3/4 cup bra, full cup bra
                  • Bra recommendation:
                  • Tips: If you want to choose a strapless bra to match your clothes, we highly recommend you use the clear straps when you wear a strapless bra. Otherwise, the strapless bra cannot hold your boobs perfectly and will slip down.
                  bra recommendation

                      East West & Side-set

                      East West and Side-set breast shape

                      bra recommendation


                          I hope this information can help you find your perfect bra and inspire you more about your boobs. Also, please remember bra is not only about beauty.

                          Comfort is the key.

                          It is most appropriate to feel comfortable and not worry about the rumors that "underwire bra will cause breast cancer" and "no bra will lead to sagging breasts."

                          Nothing is more important than making yourself comfortable and happy!

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