Health Knowledge: Can Wear a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

Health Knowledge: Can Wear a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

Can wear a bra cause breast cancer? The answer is NOT!

Most of the time, women always wear one more piece of clothing than most men - a bra.

In recent years, the styles and colors of bras have become more and more diverse. The underwear displayed in the Victoria's Secret show and the bralettes of major brands are the best examples.

But I believe that many women have the same health doubt about wearing a bra: 

Will wearing a bra affect breast health?

Some people think that not wearing a bra can easily lead to sagging and deformed breasts; others believe that bras will squeeze the breasts and eventually cause breast cancer.

- Should I wear it? 

- Can long-term bra wear cause breast cancer?

I believe that many women have such a tangle in their minds. It's time to stop this bra-carcinogenic talk.

Some people will turn to the paper's investigation result as evidence that bras cause cancer. Most of these articles will write like this:

In 1991, there was a study on the relationship between bra-wearing and breast cancer. The study showed that women who don't wear a bra have less chance of developing breast cancer.

But this method of citing literature is taken out of context. Because the author wrote this at the end of the article:

Women who don't wear bras tend to have smaller breasts and are generally thinner. Obesity is one of the most likely factors for breast cancer.

So, according to the author said, we can know that the cause of breast cancer is not whether you wear a bra, but whether you are obese.

With the above conclusions, let's take a look at the views of authoritative institutions on breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society released the latest breast cancer prevention guidelines in November 2015.

The guideline clearly states that the risk factors that may lead to breast cancer are:

  • Menarche earlier than 12 years of age
  • Not pregnant before age 30
  • late age of menopause
  • Have a family history of breast cancer

Other risk factors for breast cancer include postmenopausal hormone therapy, breast radiation exposure at a young age, postmenopausal obesity, and alcohol intake.

Therefore, the risk factors for breast cancer in the guidelines do not include wearing a bra. Stop scaring yourself!

Will my breasts sag if I don't wear a bra?

Sagging breasts have nothing to do with wearing a bra. The main external cause of sagging breasts is ground attraction.

Women with large breasts have a relatively greater risk of sagging compared to women with flat breasts. This is because gravity is proportional to mass.

Think about the physics you learned in middle school and don't underestimate gravity! But gravity is only one reason. The most fundamental reason is because the human breast suspensory ligament laxity.

Basically, the breast is supported by the suspensory ligaments.

After the development of puberty, the increase of milk during lactation, and the loss of protein tissue in the body, all these reasons will cause your breast ligament to age.

This means when a little girl gradually becomes a grandmother, the ligaments will age and their elasticity will decrease, and the support for the breast will naturally weaken.

A few pieces of fabric in a bra alone cannot fight the natural laws of breast change. So the connection between sagging breasts and not wearing a bra is not very big.

The function of the bra is actually similar to that of the panties. It gives your breasts a sculpting effect, at least when you're wearing a bra. But it doesn't have the magic power to completely change the state of your boobs.

So should we wear bras?

Bras were invented to accentuate the curves of the human body. It does not prevent cancer nor does it cause cancer.

I mean, the desire to make yourself look attractive is universal.

Now that you know that bras don't cause breast cancer, feel free to wear your favorite bra to accentuate your figure!

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