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Fashion Partner: YandW Front Closure Seamless Lift Up Bra

The design ideas of YandW Front Closure Seamless Lift Up Bra, show you all the secrets.

Do you have difficulty wearing normal back-closure bras? Can you no longer reach behind to close your bra when that's the way you were doing it before? Maybe you must tie it in the front and turn the whole thing around? You are not alone. Wouldn't it be easier if the bra was designed with the closing in the front? Front-closing bras exist and are now better designed and more accessible than before.

cons of others fronts closure bra

Make getting ready easier with the YANDW Front closure seamless lift-up bra for all of you. This bra provides you with a comfortable bra-wearing experience. The front buckle design allows you to wear it easily and take it off effortlessly. With the racerback design to hide your back fat, show your perfect smooth backline.

YANDW Front closure seamless lift up bra

matching yandw front closure seamless bra

What are the pros of the YANDW Front closure seamless lift-up bra?

front closure seamless bra

back of front closure seamless bra

▶ Fronts closure design

Other brand bra review "Hooks are a little hard to use, it is very hard to insert into the loops I actually got trapped in it for a while when trying on."

The biggest highlight of this bra is the front open buckle design, which instead of the traditional hook and eye closure in the back, is easy to wear, improves the gathering effect, is suitable for wide set type breast shape, and solves the problem of side set breast. Also, compared with other front closure bras with such many hooks and eyes, we only use barrel front closure lock in place, not easy to jump out and offers you a sense of security.

front closure lock

▶ Plunge & Solid cup & Cross racerback

Other brand bra review "I don't love the lace because it is scratchy and I prefer something I can wear under thinner shirts"

The cross racerback provides excellent support while lightly aiding posture. These 3 detail designs provide easy wear as outerwear without pressure and comfort while highlighting your neckline, which can be matched with various styles of low-cut backless clothes with invisible and seamless underneath your clothes.

solid cup and deep v plunge

 Underwire & 2.5cm padded cups

Compared with other brands' push-up bra, which uses a thin cup, the Yandw Front closure bra uses a 2.5cm padded thick cup to improve the gathering and ultimate comfort. The inserted underwire helps support the boobs for stability. Combining these 2 designs can hold up your boobs firmly and create a full natural breast shape.

underwire and thick pad

▶ Adjustable duo-shoulder straps

Other brand bra review "A rough spot on the straps left red marks (now dry and itchy) on the front of my shoulder"

Our adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit from the back, created to alleviate shoulder stress and back pain. Adjustable freely, the Shoulder strap material is built in with rubber strips, which is more supportive, and the outside is wrapped in fabric, which is comfortable and decompression.

duo straps and racerback

▶ Built-in elastic cord backband

The back band has a built-in elastic cord on the upper and lower sides, which is tolerant of the figure and not tight, suitable for large beasts. It uses double-layer fabrics to be skin-friendly and close-fitting to create no trace. Also, our band is wider than others which can perfectly hide your back fat.

wide back band

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