11 ways to spice things up this Valentine

11 ways to spice things up this Valentine

Valentine's is the best day to spark up your dull relationship. We will give you some tips on what to do on Valentine's Day.

For newlyweds and new relationships, celebrating Valentine's Day can be exciting. For more seasoned couples, however, the celebrations can sometimes seem a bit dated — they can even be boring and predictable.

If you're struggling with the latter and Valentine's Day doesn't seem like the starting point for your relationship, maybe it's time to speed things up a bit and bring that magic back.

According to a recent Groupon poll of 2,000 Americans, one in four couples finds Valentine's Day celebrations boring. While 80 percent said they would continue to attend the day, 53 percent said they felt they were celebrating it the way they always did with their partners.

First, because they do the same thing year after year without changing the reason why Valentine's first dinner looks so meaningful because they were signs that your relationship stood the test of time.

But with those first few years behind you, it's time to take on a deeper meaning if you want to continue celebrating this special date.

There's the arduous task of finding that meaningful gift from the heart, especially for men who feel pressured to live up to sometimes unrealistic expectations.

Despite these possible feelings, it's important for couples to realize the importance of showing their appreciation and love for their partner—not just on Valentine's Day, but throughout the year.

Doing date nights every two weeks is really important, especially if you have children. Just know that buying flowers and eating out is not enough to stay in a relationship.

Your partner needs to feel that they matter and that they are the top priority in your life in order to maintain happiness in this relationship. To help bored couples rediscover the spark of Valentine's Day, these are some ways to spice up your valentine’s celebrations.

1. Create your love language

This will help couples to better understand how they should express their love. I say that the wives do not book the husband and husbands should not talk on February 14th, but you can read them on that day. This kind of trip helps deep couples and develops more love and intimacy in the relationship.  

2. Visit romantic getaways

Go to romantic getaways and take a small adventure through a ride to a beautiful tourist place in which the two of you can be alone. Turn on music, discuss your romantic discussions, really focus on the top of each other and do not hide until you get a chance to get a little intimate.

Use it to go deeper and treat, the intimate relationship has been developed by trust, so do this date that opens with your feelings. Go separately and meet your partner in a bar or hall. Provide them approach and drink and see where you are guiding you tonight.

Try something different, get out of your comfort zones and try something you have not done before. Ask friends to write suggestions , put these offers in a bowl and choose one. Everything you choose will be new that you will both try. 


3. Write a healing letter to solve the problems

People sometimes try to use Valentine's Day as a wound dressing and instead use it for deeper digging and healing. Intimacy comes from trust, so open up that date and trust each other more in your feelings.

4. Create a bucket list together

Once you've made your list, choose something to look forward to this year and then create a plan to make it happen. Working together to achieve common goals is a bond between couples, and it's exciting when the goal is something they both enjoy.

5. Get back to your first date

This can be a very distinct experience, especially if you feel that the relationship has become a bit of a rock and you want to return to the old days. Cooperation with each other in common goals is mutual dependence on each other is exciting if the purpose is something that creates mutual pleasure.

6. From the bedroom to your fantasy 

For this idea, you do not even have to go out of home. The idea is to have everything you want and need in your bedroom. Decorate the bedroom and make the romantic color in the room. Light candles, sprinkle petals on the bed, strawberry ready - all that you think you will set up and get on your honeymoon.

7. Play mini games 

There a number of card games you can play to spice up your love life. One of the easiest bed games are question cards that you can buy or create yourself. The questions will get you and your lover talking, including deep, thought-provoking topics regarding intimacy and your relationship, revealing hidden desires and fantasies or perhaps a game of the old favorites, “truth or dare” or an adult version of “Simon Says” which can be fun.

8. Choose a film that you would like to watch together

Make a private theater in the middle of your home and watch a romantic movie with your Valentine. If you're both feeling mischievous; You can choose an adult movie.

9. Send a SMS

Start your day with a sex message instead of an SMS, and it doesn't have to be X. This can be an exciting message about how much you love spending the day (and night) together.

10. Role playing

Role Playing can be creative, fun and of course rude! Build your bedroom wherever you want. Create the insane experience you've always wanted to have with your partner. The possibilities are endless.

11. Buy romantic gift

Buying lingerie for Valentine's Day, both for yourself and for your spouse can be great as there are so many designs for everyone. While some prefer to mix and match and sit, others are looking for coordinating sets, swimsuits and lingerie or a complete look with girdles and socks to liven up the bedroom.
Check out our lingerie list for this valentine to spice up your relationship this valentine’s day.

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