Wedding Season is here!

The night before your wedding is the time to take care of all those last-minute details. Lets show you guys what things need to bring to the wedding,prepare this the day before your wedding day!

  • Your accessories- earrings,necklace...

  • Hair tools

  • A bag for your makeup stuff and tools

The perfume will make you smelled good in your wedding day 

  • Your Perfume 

  • Panties, garter, nipple covers and Bra match for your wedding dress

  • Your nightgown,bridesmaid and robe 

Wear this in the morning in preparation before your wedding get start

  • Your Wedding Heel 

  • The flower girl dresses

  • Your Wedding vows if you write

  • A smooth suitcase with wheels that you can put the above things into the case

  • The most important thing is your Wedding Dress!

Hope this was helpful to any of you brides out there and if you are about to go off to your wedding then just remember to relax,that day's weather and everyting are going to be perfect and amazing!