A lot of women and girls would like to know how to wear a push up bra. When deciding on a push up bra, you have to think about structure, style, and use of the bra. Whether it's for that special someone or just to boost your self-confidence, use these tips to choose the best push up bra for you.

Part 1:Choosing a Push up Bra

Before buying a push up bra is to determine your bra size,Remember the 3 steps:

Determine Your Band Size,

  Take Your Bust Measurement,

Calculate Your Cup Size.

Decide on the structure of the push up bra. Push up bras come with underwire, padding, or both. Some women find underwire uncomfortable, while others don't like extra padding. Choosing this is entirely a personal preference.

Padding can help make your breasts look larger, while underwire can help lift. Knowing which of these things you want can help you choose.

Also go to the store and try on different kinds of push up bras for women to determine which kind works for your body type and for your comfort level.

Choose the shape of the bra. Push up bras come in different shapes. The shape of the push up bra you buy is based on the outfit you will wear with the push up bra.

Demi-cup bras and plunging neckline bras are great for low cut tops.

Strapless, one strap, or razorback bras are good for evening gowns or outfits without sleeves or backs.

Base the style of the bra on your clothes.Push up bras come in many different styles.Push up bras work best when you can't tell you are wearing one that means don't wear intricately designed bras underneath thin blouses, and make sure the outfit you wear the push up bra under is the right outfit for the bra.

Go for seamless over ornate ones.

Push up bras look good under v-neck shirts and sweaters.

Make sure whatever push up bra you wear doesn't bulge under your clothes,it should be flat and unnoticeable.

Part 2:Wearing A Push Up Bra

1、Hook the band. 

Put the band around your bust and hook it. You can do this in the front and slide it around. Or you can put it on the way you will wear it and hook it in the back.

2、Lean down to place your breasts in the bra. 

For a push up bra, it is important that you have your breasts sitting on top of the padding or underwire. Lean down and lift your breasts to properly place them in the cup.When you straighten back up, readjust the bra to make sure the breasts are sitting in the right position and that you don't have any breast spillage over the top of the bra.

If your bra is properly fitted, you will not have any part of your breast spilling out of the side of the bra

3、Adjust the straps. 

Once your breasts are properly inside the cups, fix the straps. They should not be twisted, but instead flat against your skin. The straps should sit snugly on your shoulders, but not dig into your skin or fall off your shoulders. Adjust the straps if they are ill-fitting.

The band across your back should lay horizontal. It should not be pulled up your back. If you had your bra properly fitted, you shouldn't have any problems.

4、Make the bra look natural. 

One key to wearing a push up bra is to make sure the bra looks natural. You don't want the bra's cups too be too stiff with padding that it looks hard. People should be paying attention to you, not your bra.

When wearing tight clothes, make sure your padded bra is seamless so that it looks smooth under your clothes.

5、Limit the length of time you wear the push up bra.

Because push up bras fit tighter than other bras, limit the amount of time you spend in the push up bra. If the bra becomes uncomfortable, take it off and wear your regular bra for a few days.

Hope you can choose the perfect and fit Push Up bra after using this method.

Written by Amy S.

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