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Ultimate Guide for How to Store Bras According to Styles and Places

Here are some different techniques about how to store bras. Get these ideas!

Does the way you store your bras matter?

Absolutely Yes! If you want your bras to stay maintained with their features, you must look for different ways to store them instead of just keeping them between other wears and spoiling their shapes and features.

You should always set a separate lingerie drawer for yourself, where you can properly arrange your undergarments, but does it matter how your lingerie drawer looks? Undoubtedly yes!

It is because proper and well-maintained storage of your lingerie, particularly the bras, is essential for their prolonged lives. This way, they’ll remain comfortable, supportive, and proper as long as possible.

Sounds troublesome? Don’t get worried, as we are here with our ultimate guide for how to store bras as per your styles, preferences, and needs!


It Is Important to Know How to Store Bras in A Proper Way

There is no denying that bras are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Not only do they provide support for your breasts, but they also help to shape your figure and can even make you look slimmer.

However, bras need to be cared for properly. Improper care can lead to bras becoming damaged and losing their shape. Therefore, it is essential to store your bras in a proper decent manner due to following reasons;

  • To prevent pesky creases, folds, and lumps in the bras.
  • To maintain appropriate shape so they won’t bend out of their way.
  • Bras wouldn’t do their job if they ran out of their shape.

Should I Hang Bras Up?

There's no right or wrong answer regarding hanging bras, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Hanging bras by the straps can cause them to stretch out, thus losing their elasticity and shape, so it's best to fold them.

Bra's Folding and Packing Tips

So if you were looking for tips on how to store bras, you are almost there.Here are some tips on how to properly store bras:

  • Store the bra in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid storing bras in direct sunlight in humid areas.
  • Bras should be stored in a breathable fabric bag or container.
  • Never store bras in plastic bags, as this can cause them to be misshapen.
  • When storing bras in a drawer, ensure they are not crammed in. Bras should have enough room to breathe so they maintain their shape.
Bra's Fold and pack

    Best Ways to Store Bras

    Let’s discover some of the best ways to store bras!

    While storing bras, the first thing to keep in mind is their features and style. Remember that each style requires a different type of storage solution, and so the other fabrics require different care. However, we will discuss each solution one by one.

    Storing Bras According to Style

    Depending on the style, your bra can be either molded or unmolded.

    • Molded bras are those that contain padded cups with an underwire. 
    • However, unmolded bras are wire-free bras that can be easily stored by folding them. 

    However, let’s see how to organize bras!

    [Storing Underwire Bras]

    Underwire bras contain wire under the padded cups. Whether a push-up or strapless bra, it might have an underwire beneath the cup for extra support.

    However, folding such bras and stacking the cups into one another isn’t a good solution. It will completely ruin the shape and structure of your bra, thus destroying it by damaging the molded cups, the underwire, and the center of your bra.

    Instead, try to fit multiple bras into each other and organize them in a bra organizer, a drawer, or a bin to maintain the shape and features. By doing this, you can have the following appealing benefits;

    • Cup’s shape doesn’t disorientate.
    • The underwire doesn’t bend.
    • The padding of cups remains the same.
    underwire bra

      [Storing Wire-free Bras]

      Wireless or wire-free bras are easy to organize. You can easily fold them or compress them together while conserving space. Any such technique won’t harm them as they are highly flexible to be stored like this.

      wire free bra

      Storing Bras According to Place

      You can store your bra in different ways according to your place of storage.

      ▶ Store in A Drawer Organizer

      You can use a drawer organizer if you are having trouble arranging bras in your drawer.

      Install a drawer organizer in an empty drawer. It will help you to avoid overcrowding or mixing up of bras. Arrange your bras orderly in different divisions. 

      Next, stack them together, but how to stack bras?

      Remember to avoid stacking them on top of each other. You can stack them inside each other on the sides.In this way, you can have many benefits from organizing your bras, such as;

      • Your bras won’t be overcrowded.
      • Your bras won’t scramble into each other.
      • Cup shapes won’t be disoriented.
      • The wires of underwire bras won’t be bent.
      store bras

         Store in Hanging Storage

        If you don’t have empty drawers, get your hanging organizer for your bras, as it is a great alternative. It will help you save space as well. It will offer you the following benefits;

        • Shapes of the bras won’t spoil.
        • Bras are easy to find.
        • Sectioning makes it much easier to organize different styles in different sections.

         Store in Bra Organizer

        A bra organizer is a perfect item that you need these days for your variety of bras. It has the following benefits;

        • Bras take up less space in a bra organizer.
        • Compartments in the organizer make it easier to sort different types of bras.
        • It keeps your bras in proper shapes and forms.

         Line in The Drawer

        You can also line your bras in the drawer without any organizer. However, try folding unmolded bras and lining them up in your drawer. In this way;

        • You can keep a difference between molded and unmolded bras.
        • Unmolded bras won’t be destroyed if folded in a drawer; thus, it will save some potential space.
        • It will keep your bras organized respectably.

         Use Shower-Curtain Rings

        You can also use shower curtain rings or bathroom rods to store your bras. Install one now. It will keep your bras well organized, and you can quickly locate and get your desired bra immediately without wasting time searching for it.

        It will also offer your bra multiple benefits like;

        • The cups will remain in proper shape.
        • Bras will not be disoriented.
        • The underwire will stay managed and will not bend. 

         Use Clothing Hanger Like Lingerie Store

        Last but not least, if you can’t do any of the above, then using a regular clothing hanger might also do the job for you. Use a clothing hanger to hold your bras and organize them in your wardrobe like a separate lingerie store.

        Through this;

        • Your bras won’t get mixed up.
        • They will be easy to find.
        • The shape will remain proper and organized.
        hang a bra

          What Shouldn’t You Do to Your Bras?

          Bras can be a lofty investment, so you should take proper care of them.We are here with some things you shouldn’t do with your bras to maintain their quality and features.

          They are listed one after another below;

          1、Do Not Fold Bras in Half or Invert the Cups

          Folding unmolded bras won’t cause any harm to them, but never fold molded bras in half. It will destroy their wiring, and they will eventually lose their shape and elasticity.

          Moreover, do not invert the cups on any surface. If you do this, it will destroy the cup shape. Besides, the padding inside the cups will also be compromised, thus leading to a poor structure in the end.

          2、Do Not Store Them in A Messy Way

          Messily storing bras can cost you a lot. Since bras are a lofty investment, they need proper care to remain the same long-term. However, if you keep them disorganized, their life span will drop.

          Some of the consequences are as follows;

          • Loss of shape
          • Loss of elasticity
          • Not able to get the desired bra on time
          • Hooks get scrambled into each other

          3、Do Not Wash Your Bras Too Often

          It would be best if you didn’t wash your bras too often. Instead, wash them less frequently and properly.

          Washing the bras often can destroy the fabric and materials. In this way, your bra will lose its efficiency as fabric plays a crucial role in the distinctive features of any bra.

          Moreover, take notes as written on the fabric care of your bra while washing. If your bra requires hand washing, then avoid machine washing. Moreover, do not use bleach as most brands prohibit doing so.

          wash a bra

          4、Do Not Dry Your Bras Often

          Throwing your bras in the dryer can make it snap or rig. Moreover, it will also lose its elasticity due to the force of drying spin. Therefore, it is better to dry your bras in fresh air rather than using a machine dryer.

          5、Do Not Hang On a Single Strap

          Never hang your bras on a single strap. It will cause the bra to stretch more on one side, thus making it uneven and out of shape on the other side. However, it is recommended to keep it from hanging, but if there is a need ever, then remember to avoid hanging it from a single side.

          Hang On a Single Strap


          So now you know different techniques about how to store bras.

          Organizing and storing your bras quite decently is essential to keep them in their best forms. You can use a drawer organizer, bra organizer, or even a bathroom rod to store your bras in the best way possible. Also, don’t forget the basic tips and techniques while storing your bras.

          However, not only does store matter, but you should also avoid certain things to keep your bras in their proper shape and form.

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