Fashion Partner: YANDW Super Push Up Gather Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Fashion Partner: YANDW Super Push Up Gather Plunge T-Shirt Bra

The design ideas of YandW Super Push Up Gather Plunge T-Shirt Bra,show you all the secrets

Among different bra styles, push up bra is one of the most popular. One of the essential innovations in lingerie was the push up bra. Not only does it put your cleavage on display, but it provides unparalleled lift and support.

Every woman should own a push-up bra and experience its great benefits.

Here, we highly recommend YANDW Push Up Plunge T-Shirt Bra, which provides a push-up result and a comfortable wearing experience for your boobs. Show off your sexy and beautiful cleavage so everyone can't take their eyes off your boobs.

front of YandW Push Up gather Bra

detail of YandW Push Up gather Bra

Perfect for a v-neck skirt or top. Suitable for banquets, dates, weddings, and other occasions.Generous sizes that fit gals from 30 to 44 and Cup sizes from A to E give you enough choices to find your best fit!

women with Push up bra

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different outfits with push up bra


Underwire and 2.5cm padded cup

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Compared with other brands' push-up bra, which uses a thin cup, Yandw push up plunge bra uses a 2.5cm padded thick cup to improve the gathering, and the inserted underwire helps to support the boobs for stability and ultimate comfort. Combining these 2 designs can perfectly hold up your boobs and give a push up appearance with just the right amount of fullness without spilling the boobs.

2.5cm padded cup


U-shaped back panel

Different from the common H-back in the market, Yandw has a U-shaped back panel, it covers a large area of the back, plus 3 rows of back buckles and a wide side band, it not only has the effect of smoothing and balancing back fat but also can push up gather your boobs, making them more firm and upright, stable support and not easy to shift.

 U shaped back panel

Wide side band embedded with mesh and three hooks eye closure.

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We also did some work here to increase stability so it is not easy to slip out. The wide side band and three hooks eye closure we used is more padding to make this bra firmer and more supportive. Also, the side band is embedded with mesh, made of smooth fabric for external use. The underband hides the elastic band design to achieve comfort, breathability, and seamless.

three hooks and eye closure

Wide side band embedded with mesh

Adjustable convertible shoulder straps

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This bra can help you to fix this kind of strap problem. It matches with adjustable convertible shoulder straps, which can adjust the loose fit, and is designed in 2 different ways - traditional and crisscross to enhance gathering, comfortable and non-slip, making your bra stay in place and feel more secure!

Tips: the shoulder straps offer more support to hold your boobs, so they cannot be put off as a strapless bra.

Adjustable convertible shoulder straps

Beautiful floral lace

Center gore designed with an elastic cord

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Considering this situation, we didn't want this bra to be solid, so adding beautiful floral lace on the cup surface makes the breast gorgeous for a feminine look. Here is just enough lace directly attached to the bra to give a feminine appearance without the worry of the lace ripping and itchy.

In addition, this bra's center gore is designed with an elastic cord, which is more tolerant to the chest, not tight, and adds a sense of fashion at the same time.

Yandw gather push up bra

Knowledge: Push-up bras do not work the same for every woman. This type of bra will look at a bigger cup size and add one or two sizes for small chests. Larger-chested women will think that a push-up style bra will make them look bigger is not entirely true. This is because the larger the cup size, the more lift and support you receive.

Also, for the lady with Wide-set type of breast, we recommend you choose this bra to achieve a good gathering effect.

Wide set type breast

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