Deep U Plunge Push Up Low Back Bra

Fashion Partner: YandW Deep U Plunge Push Up Low Back Bra

The design ideas of YandW Deep U Plunge Push Up Low Back Bra,show you all the secret.

What bra can match with low cut backless dress or top? The first thing you may think is adhesive bras, But do you know that the viscosity of the adhesive bra will be weakened after sweating, and it is easy to fall off, lack of insecurity.

So do I have another choice?

Here we highly recommend choosing YANDW Deep U Low Back Push-Up Bra, and it can offer you a natural, intuitive design that can be worn with the deepest and sharpest plunge neckline.

front of YandW Deep U Bra

back of YandW Deep U Bra

This bra is a must-have item for your wardrobe and is suitable for special occasions.Generous sizes that fit gals from 32 to 42 and Cup sizes from A to E give you enough choices to find your best fit!

women with deep u bra


different outfits with deep u bra


Deep U design

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A deep U bra is lower at the front than a deep V bra. The features of deep plunge and low back design are perfect for your halter dress, deep V plunge dress, low-cut top, or dresses for the occasion like prom, wedding, party, cosplay, banquet, ceremony, hang out, and bridesmaids dresses.

Deep U design

 Wide and thin cotton padding band & buckle closure

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Consideration to this situation, when we designed the Deep U Bra, we added thin cotton to pad the band to increase stability, used a wider side band, moreover, we ditched the traditional rows of hook design and switched to the buckle closure, which lowers the back of the bra by 2-4 inches to the normal bra to create a perfect U-shape clear back.

wide and thin cotton padding band

buckle closure

These 2 designs increase stability and assist the back to be low enough, keeping the low back invishaper attached to your body without slipping off.

buckle closure compare with rows of hook

Side bone & 2cm underband elastic

To make the bra more supportive and enhance the wearing effect of concentrated breasts and side fat, we added 2 cm underband elastic, and a side cup bone is made to keep the plunge bra in place. Compared to some adhesive bras, our bra is safer, and you don’t need to worry that it will fall off. You can wear it like your normal bra.

Side bone and 2cm underband elastic

1.8cm pads & underwire

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Except for the underwire, we also use the 1.8CM breathable pads to enhance cleavage and Push-up effect. This padding lifts the breasts in and forward, creating a killer cleavage while offering a secure fit with a firm lift and support for a fuller figure in any low plunging neckline.

1.8cm pads


Multiway & convertible, adjustable straps and back band

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You may also have this distress when dressing. This Deep U bra uses skin-friendly fabrics and unique craftsmanship. It comes with adjustable color, transparent shoulder straps, and back band that you can design the wear way you want, with more elasticity. It can perfectly solve the problem for you, multiway design to match different outfits.

Tips: the shoulder straps offer you more support to hold your boobs, so they cannot be put off but can exchange.

convertible adjustable straps and back band

Solid color cup

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Most women have encountered this problem, the bra leak marks and show under clothes, causing an embarrassing situation. According to this, Our Deep U Low Back Push-Up bra uses solid color seamless fabric; it can gain comfort and no trace simultaneously. It’s very smooth with no lace detail or noticeable edges, so it doesn’t show underneath even the slinky-feeling dress or top.

Solid color cup

Statement: Due to the product's particular functionality, the cup's capacity is not enough, so the suitability of the breast shape is more important. And this bra is more suitable in line with Archetype or Round breasts; if you are Sagging or Wide-set type breast, we will recommend you choose our Deep V Plunge Push Up Padded Underwire Low Cut Bra with Clear Straps.

Archetype or Round breasts

Sagging or Wide set type breast

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