Summer is here!

We can wear all kinds of beautiful clothes to go out again, owing to summer clothes are looking for thinness, transparency and comfort, there is a problem that how to choose the bra in summer time, moreover the chest shapes of girls are varied.

 If you find the right bra for the summer, you will look much better in clothes.

So I want to share with you some summer bra choices corresponding to different clothes, so that you can be more relaxed in this summer!

4 Kinds of Preferred Summer Bras

Strapless Bra

  In summer, I still prefer strapless bra or a bra with clear straps because it is more gathered and can create a deep V effect. Whether it is a wedding or a party, it can be held for a long time, not easy to fall, and full of security.There is also a seamless strapless Bra, which will not leave traces when wearing slightly tight clothes.

Highly recommend

 Adhesive Bra

  • It is self-contained and has off-shoulder straps,so it can be used with most summer clothes. Now many girls are looking for no-bra feeling, so they will choose breast paste, but if you are a big breasted girl,  Adhesive Bra is actually more suitable, it can be supportive and can also hold the chest shape and Keep your breasts rounder.

  • Due to the sultry heat in summer, the viscosity of the  Adhesive Bra may be weakened after sweating, and it is easy to fall off, lack of insecure, so I personally prefer strapless bra in the summer day.


  • It is the first choice for many girls in summer in recent years, because it is relatively light and thin, no underwire, and has high comfort and breathability. It also can Wear outside to showing a sexy style.

  • There is no gathering and supporting effect.

Nipple Covers

  • The coverage area of the breast patch is smaller, it is not easy to get hot, and it is not easy to fall off. I think it is more comfortable than  Adhesive Bra.

  • In order to ensure that the nipple is firmly absorbed, the part of the breast covered by the nipple will be in an airtight environment for a long time, After then the covered breast skin will become edema and white. If it is allergic skin , then pay more attention.

Okay~ The commonly used Bra in summer have been analyzed for you one by one. Let me tell you how to choose underwear for different types of clothes.

In summer, suspenders are indispensable. Strapless bra is more recommended for suspenders. The same suitable for I-shaped vests and loose sloping shoulder tops and match a pair of wedge sandals for women,that is the summer!

Strapless bra can provide a good support and push up ,can better present your boobs, also visually add points to your match.

Low-neck suspenders and tight-fitting tops are recommended to use nudebra and breast covers, which are more comfortable and will not have the embarrassing situation of revealing the edge of the bra,just like the picture 4.

Off-the-shoulder tops are recommended to choose seamless strapless bra for better comfort, because some off-the-shoulder tops are easy to fall off, use Nudebra will be prone to the image 4 above embarrassing situation.

In summer, you will inevitably wear some thin and transparent T-shirts. It is recommended to use it with Bralette, which is fashionable and versatile, but also casual and comfortable.

I hope this blog can help you.

The right Bra will make your dressing more nice.

I hope everyone can wear their own style this summer.

Enjoy Your Best Summer Time !!

Written By Abby W.