All You Need to Know About side sets boobs

Side Set Boobs: All You Need to Know About This Type of Breast Shape

Understanding and Caring for Side Set Breasts to Promote Your Body Positivity

Breast shape and size can vary from person to person, and it's essential to understand that there is no "perfect" or "normal" breast shape. Some common breast shapes include round, teardrop, asymmetrical, and tubular. Side set boobs have gained more attention in recent years; this type of bra creates a larger gap between boobs, and your nipples point more towards the sides of your chest than forward.

Understanding the causes and possible solutions for side-set boobs can help women feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies. In this article, we also provide tips on how to treat them.

Causes of Side Set Boobs

Side-set boobs can be caused by genetics and heredity, hormonal changes and fluctuations, aging, and weight changes, wearing ill-fitting bras and clothing, and posture and lifestyle factors.

  • Genetics and heredity: Breast shape and size are primarily determined by genetics. Certain traits may make someone more likely to have side-set boobs.
  • Hormonal changes and fluctuations: During puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, hormonal changes can affect breast tissue and then cause changes in breast shape and size.
  • Aging and weight changes: As we age, breast tissue can lose elasticity, and breast shape will change subtly. Additionally, fluctuations in weight can cause changes in breast size and shape, sometimes resulting in side-set boobs.
  • Wearing ill-fitting bras and clothing: Bras that don't fit properly can cause breast tissue to migrate towards the sides of the chest, creating a larger gap between the breasts. Similarly, clothing that doesn't fit properly can also contribute to this effect.
  • Posture and lifestyle: Poor posture can cause breast tissue to migrate towards the sides of the chest, while certain activities like weightlifting can also cause changes in breast shape and position.
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    What Is the Difference Between Side Set Boobs and Wide Set Boobs?

    While side set and wide set boobs may sound similar, the two have some differences. Side set boobs refer to breasts spaced further apart on the chest wall, with a larger gap between them. On the other hand, wide-set boobs refer to breasts that are positioned further apart on the ribcage, with more space between them in the center of the chest. The main difference is the location of the gap or space between the breasts.

    Solutions and Treatments for Side Set Boobs

    There are several solutions and treatments available for women with side-set boobs. These options can help improve the appearance of the breasts and boost your self-confidence.

    • Choosing the right bra: Wearing suitable bras designed for side-set boobs can help lift and support the breasts, minimizing the gap between them.
    • Exercises to improve breast appearance and posture: Certain practices can help improve the appearance of side-set boobs and promote better posture. Chest exercises, such as chest presses and chest flies, can help strengthen the muscles underneath the breasts, providing more support and lift. You can also communicate with your trainer or doctor about the type of exercise that suits you and then exercise.
    • Cosmetic procedures: In some cases, women may undergo cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation or reduction, to address side-set boobs. Breast augmentation involves using implants to increase the size and fullness of the breasts. In contrast, breast reduction involves removing excess breast tissue to achieve a more proportionate appearance. These procedures should be carefully considered and discussed with a qualified plastic surgeon.
    • Lifestyle changes: Making specific lifestyle changes can also improve the health and appearance of the breasts. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and staying hydrated can help promote breast health.

    It's important to consult a qualified healthcare professional or plastic surgeon before considering any treatments or procedures for side-set boobs. They can provide personalized recommendations based on individual needs and health considerations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Will breastfeeding affect the appearance of side set boobs?

    Breastfeeding can affect the appearance of side-set boobs, as it may cause breast tissue to stretch and sag. However, this can vary from woman to woman and may depend on various factors, including genetics, lifestyle, and overall breast health.

    Are there any health risks associated with side-set boobs?

    There are typically no specific health risks associated with side-set boobs, as it is a natural variation in breast shape and size. However, wearing ill-fitting bras for extended periods or practicing poor posture may lead to discomfort, pain, or other posture-related issues.

    What clothing styles should I avoid with side set boobs?

    Avoiding clothing styles that accentuate the gap between the breasts can help minimize the appearance of side set boobs. For example, tops with plunging necklines or wide-set straps may further emphasize the space between the breasts. Choosing tops with higher necklines or styles that create the illusion of a fuller cleavage, such as padding tops, can be more flattering for side set boobs.


    Side set boobs are a common concern for many women, but understanding the causes and available solutions can help address this issue. Women can feel more confident and comfortable by taking steps to enhance breast health and appearance. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution; every woman's body is unique and beautiful.

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